analogue nt 1We’re sure there are more than a few of our readers out there who remembers playing games on their NES console systems back in the day. The console was made by Nintendo and until today remains something of a classic. However with newer consoles like the Xbox One and the PS4, who really pays attention to such classics, right?

Well maybe this could change your mind because thanks to Analogue Interactive, they have recently opened up pre-orders for the Analogue Nt, which is essentially the NES console remade for modern times. The entire console’s chassis is built from a single block of aircraft grade aluminum.

It has also been updated a bit and will now be able to deliver cleaner RGB pictures and stereo sound, but other than that it will retain the same Ricoh 20A3 and 2C02 silicon chips which have been harvested from older and unwanted systems. It will also support original NES and Famicon cartridges, as well as peripherals like the Famicon 3D System and Famicon Disk System, assuming you still have those lying around.

According to Analogue Interactive, “There is no downloading, updating or installing. No patches or DLC. No bullshit to deal with. It’s made to play games. That’s it. Sit down, plug in a game, press start, and play.” Priced at $499, the Analogue NT will be available this summer and will be also available in a variety of finishes for an additional $49.

We have to admit that it is pretty expensive, especially when you can get modern consoles at the same price, if not cheaper, but with such a beautiful design, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on it?

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