gamechanger-tabletop-gamesWhile board games and card games are still just as popular today as they were many years ago, things have changed a bit. Instead of existing as actual physical board games and card games, they have been converted to digital versions, which we guess is not a bad thing since it does cut down on space.

Well if you’re looking to get your board game on but wanted a digital version of it, then perhaps the GameChanger could be a device worth checking out. The GameChanger is essentially a HD display that will connect to your computer via VGA or HDMI. In fact there is a wireless option if you were to connect it with a Chromecast device.

gamechanger-tabletop-games-0What it does is that it will be able to mirror applications such as where games can load digital maps and battlefields. The GameChanger will also sport a pretty tough layer of glass and acrylic which can be handy if you’re planning on using the device to roll dice on. If RPGs aren’t your thing, the GameChanger will also be able to load games like Monopoly or Risk.

gamechanger-tabletop-games-2The creators of the device are planning on launching a Kickstarter project to help fund the GameChanger, where they expect to produce the device in either a 32-inch size or a 42-inch size. Resolution is also expected to be 1920×1080, which is admittedly not the sharpest on such a big display, but we guess that isn’t really the point, is it?

The Kickstarter project is expected to kick off on the 30th of May and the prices of the GameChanger range from $599 for the basic 32-inch model, and as much as $1,299 for the fully decked out 42-inch model.

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