Speakers come in all shapes and sizes, and as we’ve seen in older iPhone compatible speakers is that they can double as a charger as well, allowing the user to charge their phone while enjoying some cranked out tunes. That being said, if you enjoy the idea of charging your phone while listening to some music but don’t want to be tethered physically, then the Glowdeck might be a set of speakers worth checking out.

The Glowdeck is essentially a Bluetooth speaker that comes with wireless charging. What this means is that if you have a phone or a case for your phone that will support wireless charging, all you’d have to do is set your device on top of the speaker and charge away! The speaker will use Qi wireless charging, which is more or less the standard at the moment, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

What makes the Glowdeck even cooler is that it can display your notifications in the screen in front of the speakers. So if you have any emails, messages, or missed calls, it will display it and you will know if you have something that needs your attention. Pretty cool, huh? This is courtesy of the Glowdeck’s own OS called Streams.

Unfortunately the Glowdeck is a bit pricey as far as speakers are concerned, but with the built-in wireless charging and notification display, perhaps some of you guys might be able to justify its price. The speakers are priced at $219.99 if you were hoping to get the Black Acrylic Edition, but if you wanted something a bit “warmer”, there is a Walnut Wood Edition that will set you back $249.9.

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