lazeeeyeImagine you’re trying to figure out the measurements of a friend because you want to surprise them with a tailored suit, shirt, dress, and so on. Sure, you can always comb through the cupboard and use those measurements, but what if you wanted to do so without arousing suspicion? Well that’s where the LazeeEye comes in.

The LazeeEye is a Kickstarter project that basically a hardware attachment for your smartphone camera that gives it the ability to capture images in 3D. This comes in handy when you’re trying to take the measurements for something, such as for interior design, clothing, construction, remodelling, and etc.

According to its creators, “Most cameras are 2D, meaning they are a projection of the scene onto the camera’s imaging plane; any depth information is lost. However, a 3D camera also captures the depth dimension (in addition to the standard 2D data).” Now if you’re wondering why the LazeeEye sounds familiar, it is because you might be thinking of Google’s Project Tango, a device which is supposed to have similar functions as the LazeeEye.

However unlike Project Tango, the LazeeEye does not require you to buy a new phone as it will attach to your current one. Priced at $75, the device will come fully assembled and tested, but for those who want to save some money, you can pledge $20 for the DIY e-kit which you’ll have to 3D print yourself, or $50 for the DIY kit with the hardware components bundled, so all you’d have to do is put it together yourself.

It’s an interesting idea, although we’re not sure how much use the average consumer will find for it, but if you’re intrigued and think that it could help you out professionally, you might want to pop on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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