lix 3d penOver the past year or so, we’ve come across our fair share of 3D printing pens. Unlike 3D printers, these pens can print while on the go, allowing the user to draw out various objects on the spot.

They’re great for designers and artists who are constantly on the move and if you were looking for such a device that is slim and actually shaped like a pen, then the LIX pen might be a Kickstarter project worth considering.

The LIX 3D printing pen is currently a Kickstarter project but it has since managed to surpass its original goal several times over, meaning that if you were to pledge your donation, you can more or less guarantee yourself the device upon its production and release.

The device in question is pretty straight forward. All you’d have to do is load up the pen with the filament, much like loading up a glue gun, and start drawing away! It’s not as portable as you think it is because it still requires the user to plug the device into a USB port which will be used to help heat up the filament to allow for you to start drawing.

However other than that, the design and size alone should make a pretty compelling argument as to why you should get your hands on it. While you won’t be printing out 3D objects to be used medically, if you’re an artist or designer we reckon it has its appeal. If you’d like to learn more about the LIX 3D printing pen, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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