the-sims-russiaIt seems that The Sims 4 has been rated as “Adults Only” in Russia since the game would allow the option for gay and lesbian relationships, and this would mean that anyone who has not yet turned 18 will be unable to purchase the game. Russia’s “LGBT propaganda law” that was signed into effect by Vladimir Putin in the middle of last year has seen its fair share of controversy when it comes to prohibition of what is deemed to be “propaganda of non-traditional relationships” that are distributed amongst minors.


In January earlier this year, the law was used to punish a journalist who was accused of publishing a news story about a teacher who was fired due to her sexual orientation, but it must be noted that The Sims 4 happens to be the first video game in that part of the world that will be restricted to minors in Russia due to the course of the law. I guess certain quarters would deem The Sims 4 to be more “progressive” compared to Nintendo and their current affair with Tomodachi Life.

Folks living in Russia who would like to get around this particular ban have some hope – The Sims 3, that does open the door to same-sex relationships as well, was rated 12+ in Russia, and considering the game was released a good five years ago, those who have yet to hit 18 will still be able to purchase the game, whether it is a reflection of their own orientation or simply out of curiosity.

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