electric-shock-dreamsHave you ever gone into a state of lucid dreaming before? Lucid dreaming happens to be when you know you are dreaming, and it gives you total and complete control over your dream, as though you were living out the Inception lifestyle. When one breaks it down into a more detailed manner, it would be a state of sleep which exists somewhere between rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and wakefulness. Scientists have cause to believe that they have finally discovered the secret to create lucid dreaming by applying tiny amounts of electric shocks to dreamers as they sleep.

Researchers at the J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt managed to get hold of approximately 30 people in a sleep lab for the study, which lasted for the entire four days. Comprising of 15 women and 12 men, with all of them aged between 18 and 26, electrodes were placed on the volunteers’ skulls in order to perform transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS). Such an electric stimulation is considered to be a harmless, weak electric shock that will send jolts into your brain’s frontal and temporal areas. In fact, the shock is not enough to wake them up.

All it takes is just 30 seconds of exposure to the electrical stimulation, before the volunteers were awakened. It has been said that those who did undergo electrical stimulation experienced a form of lucid dreaming, where the sweet spot was then deemed to be somewhere in the region of 25 and 40Hz. Will something like this hit the commercial market soon? That’d be a great way to “escape” from everyday life, even if for a couple of hours.

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