titanfall-downtimeTitanfall was released a couple of months ago on the PC, the Xbox One, and the Xbox 360 (this came slightly later). The game has been met with favorable reviews which shows what a success it has been, but exactly how big of a success are we talking about?

Well we know that the game was popular enough to drive Xbox One sales in the UK, but according to NPD’s figures, the game has managed to sell 925,000 retail copies since its launch.

This was confirmed by EA’s COO, Peter Moore, during the company’s recent financial call. Moore is basing the numbers on NPD’s figures and it should be noted that the 925,000 figure does not take into account digital copies.

It mentions retail copies meaning that these are copies of the game sold in retail stores. The number also does not account for the Xbox 360 version of the game, so we can only imagine that if combined with digital and Xbox 360 sales, the number would be much higher.

According to Moore, “Our goal, quite frankly, is to keep this series as fresh as we do with our [FIFA] Ultimate Team and our Sports [games] and what we’ve done with Battlefield obviously with Premium. Hopefully we can continue to drive this franchise forward.” In the meantime EA also announced that they have renewed their partnership with Respawn which will see “new Titanfall experiences”, although there was no explicit mention of a sequel.

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