Google-Project-Ara-ATAP-640x401When it comes to chipsets on smartphones, most of the time we tend to see Qualcomm’s chipsets being used. There are times when we see other brands in the mix, like MediaTek, Samsung, NVIDIA, and once in a while, Intel. So with Project Ara, which chipset manufacturer could Google be turning to?

Well it turns out that Google will be turning to neither of the companies mentioned above. Instead, Google will turn to Toshiba, who will be responsible for manufacturing the semiconductors used for the device. This is according to a report from Nikkei who indicated that Toshiba could be preparing at least three different types of processors for the phone.

The processors are expected to be used in the phone itself as well as in some of its modules. The company is also expected to begin shipping samples to Google this fall and production is expected to begin as early as next year. This is an interesting timeline because according to an earlier report, Project Ara is expected to be released in January 2015, so the timing does seem a bit off.

Nikkei goes on to state that Project Ara will begin selling as low as $50, and will go up in price depending on the size. Apparently there will be different sizes to choose from, with the larger models expected to be able to accommodate more modules, while the smaller will have less options to choose from.

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