The microblogging network has taken two concrete steps to improve security for its 200-million plus users. The improvements include a much more streamlined password reset experience as well as timely identification and blocking of logins that it deems to be suspicious. If such an attempt is identified Twitter will ask the user a simple question about their account, “something that you only know,” to verify prior to granting access. Users will also receive an email if Twitter detects unusual activity on their accounts.

A lost or forgotten password can now be reset through two methods, either SMS or email. Those who opt for the latter will receive reset credentials on their email address.

Those who opt for SMS will first have to associate their mobile numbers with their Twitter account. Once the number has been activated users will then be able to disable any text notifications that they don’t want to receive. To request password reset credentials through SMS they have to click on the forgot password link on Twitter’s website and type in the mobile number.

A code will then be sent as a text message which when entered at the sign in page will let users create a new password for their Twitter account. Twitter certainly isn’t the first service to allow users to reset password through SMS but its good to see that its finally giving users another option to regain access.

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