Fans of beat ‘em ups will definitely find that they have had great experiences with the Street Fighter series in the past, and I cannot think of any other title in the series apart from Street Fighter II that really made a mark in my gaming psyche during that era. Street Fighter III was pretty to look at, but it failed to deliver the sense of wonder for me. Having said that, the franchise from Capcom is still alive and kicking, with Ultra Street Fighter IV being dated.

We also know that the digital upgrade for Ultra Street Fighter IV will arrive early next month, June 3rd to be exact, with a retail release set to happen this coming August 5th. Now that the two different launches have had their dates locked and loaded by the folks over at Capcom, it is time for you to start planning those Street Fighter parties with the rest of your like-minded friends.

Not only that, the end of a new trailer above will show off pre-order costumes for Ultra Street Fighter IV’s most recent roster additions. The costume pack will see additions for five more skins in total, and they are Jungle Elena, Medieval Hugo, Pirate Poison, Wizard Rolento, and Gladiator Decapre.

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