Voice-Changing-Bane-MaskWhen you first watched The Dark Knight Rises, how many of you were impressed with Bane, the character who literally broke the Batman’s back? He was menacing, cold and calculated in nature, and that mask of his, er, masked his voice to such an extent, that it sounded like a garbled mess. I know that some of us do love to make early preparations in life, and with Halloween coming up later this October, it might make sense to dress as Bane, although you might want to go to the gym and buff up first. Of course, if you do not have the kind of vocal talent to get the job done, then there is always external help in the form of the $52 Voice Changing Bane Mask.

Now you too, can play the role of being Gotham’s reckoning, mumbling your way through your lines. Hopefully no one at the Halloween party who comes dressed as Batman would be drunk enough to land a couple of punches in your face in order to “disarm” you and introduce you to a world of pain. I am quite sure that the first punch alone would be painful enough. Do not expect perfect results from this, as it needs a decent “source material” to begin with in order to make you sound like Bane.

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