valrtPrevention is better than cure, it is better to be safe than sorry – you have heard of so many of such type proverbs before, that it might actually be a warning for the precognitive types out there to actually o something about the situation. I am referring to one’s personal security and safety, which so happens to be what most, if not all, of us value, but more often than not they are taken for granted. VSN Mobil hopes to change things with the V.ALRT, a Personal Emergency Alert Device that is tiny and wearable, playing nice with a connected smartphone to send out urgent calls and texts at the touch of a small button.

This would allow one to summon help wherever and whenever someone should need it. The V.ALRT can be yours for $59.99 a pop already at as well as over at The V.ALRT is ergonomically designed, allowing it to be carried around without bulking up your pockets or taking up unwanted space in your handbag. Alternatively, you can choose to wear it on your wrist using the included band or around the neck as a pendant. It will rely on a multi-axis accelerometer and Bluetooth SMART (Bluetooth 4.0 LE) technology to work alongside a VSN Mobil app in order to initiate calls and text messages from a smartphone. A single button push in an emergency will send personalized text messages and makes phone calls to three pre-selected contacts.

The elderly will also appreciate the V.ALRT application’s Fall Detect Mode which will notify your preselected contacts automatically in the event that a fall be detected.

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