wefeelDo you know how the entire world feels at that particular point in time? Obviously not, but this does not mean that an idea like this cannot be expanded upon. With We Feel, this particular Twitter tool would gather data from the millions of English-speaking folk as it works to construct a real-time map of the world’s emotions.


This leads to the question of what one is able to do with such information as it depicts just exactly how the English-speaking world might feel at that particular point in time. According to Australia’s depression research facility Black Dog Institute and scientific research organization CSIRO, this might be utilized in order to gain important information when it comes to predicting just how social, economic and environmental factors impact our emotions.

Black Dog Institute executive director Professor Helen Christensen, shared, “The power of this information cannot be underestimated. Currently, mental health researchers and associated public health programs use population data that can be over five years old. Should the real-time data gained using this incredible tool prove accurate, we will have the unique opportunity to monitor the emotional state of people across different geographical areas and ultimately predict when and where potentially life-saving services are required.”

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