wp81-photo-onedriveIt is a no-brainer that those who own the better or higher end Windows Phone 8-powered devices out there will also be able to capture some rather stunning photos, thanks to the hardware included. With the Nokia Camera app, it seems as though only low resolution photos are sent automatically to the backup folder on the Nokia OneDrive, but where Windows Phone 8.1 is concerned, this will no longer be the case.


Apparently, there are settings that have been discovered in the most recent build of Windows Phone 8.1, where it will enable owners of specific Lumia handsets to let their high resolution photos to be sent directly to OneDrive. This certainly puts a whole lot less burden on you to perform a backup or image transfer of the day’s shots when you arrive back home or at your hotel room, doesn’t it?

Of course, there is the issue of draining your battery a whole lot faster than expected, but if you were to upload your high resolution photos to OneDrive, Windows Phone 8.1 would require you to connect to a Wi-Fi network. This makes plenty of sense, considering how most Wi-fi networks would be a whole lot faster than your regular 3G connection, not to mention it helps you save on your data quota as well.

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