Reviews_newWith there being multiple types of Windows Phone devices, sometimes some apps might run better on a higher-end model compared to a lower-end model, meaning that if someone with a Nokia Lumia 1520 left a glowing review on an app, it might not be the same experience as you with your Nokia Lumia 520.

The good news is that Microsoft is hoping to make app reviews in the Windows Phone 8.1 store by ensuring that downloaders will have more information about those who left reviews on an app. It will also help out developers to figure out if there might be a particular brand of Windows Phone that the app could be causing problems on, thus letting them zoom in on the problem ASAP and issue an update if necessary.

As you can see in the screenshot above, app reviews will not only list the name of the person reviewing (if they’re registered), but the make and model of the device they’re reviewing the app with. The reviews will also reveal which version of the app that the user is reviewing, so if someone gave a bad review for an old version of an app, claiming that there are bugs, it might no longer be relevant especially if the current version has addressed those bugs.

It’s a pretty clever update to the Windows Phone store and seems to be in line with what Google is offering on the Google Play Store, which we guess is a good thing, but what do you guys think? Does this make reviews in the Windows Phone Store even better and more useful than before?

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