worms-xboxoneFor gamers who are in their late 20s and above, I am quite sure that those of you out there who have given the game “Worms” a go on the PC before would have had fond memories of the title. Sure, the action was a wee bit slow, but you would have improved your idea on angles in math class after mastering the game, in addition to the topic of vectors as you had to guide a particular weapon against enemy worms while putting up with other factors such as the wind’s strength and direction. Here’s news for Worms fans who wish for the “good old days” – it seems that Worms Battlegrounds will debut on both the Xbox One and Sony PS4 later this May 30th.


Apart from that, it is also said that both versions will run in 1080p at 60 frames per second, now how about that to deliver some really “smooth as silk” eye candy to the masses? Not only will the title be available at select retailers this May 30th, it will also be available digitally, at least according to Team17.

Worms Battlegrounds boasts of 25 single-player story missions, 10 Worm-Ops time attack missions, five environments, and multiplayer Deathmatch and Fort modes for up to a quartet of players, regardless of whether they are local or online. Are you stoked yet?

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