xboxone-juneIt does look as though the previous rumor of an upcoming Xbox One update offering support for an external drive has come true, thanks to the latest June Xbox One update. In this particular update, gamers will have the option to include a real name to your profile, in addition to friend notifications as well. In fact, you will have full control over who can see your real name, while leaving the rest of the world to call you by your gaming handle alone.

Apart from that, this particular update would at long last, enable you to make use of external drives when it comes to storage capability, as long as these external drives happen to be at least 256B in capacity, not to mention carrying a USB 3.0 port with them. There is also the implementation of an auto sign-in feature that ought to come in handy should you pick up a Xbox One console sans Kinect in the months ahead.

In fact, the latest update might also see you make use of SmartGlass a whole lot more compared to previously, since push notifications will appear as your friends begin to broadcast via Twitch, in addition to the ability to watch those streams on your device directly. Are you happy with Microsoft’s frequent updates for the Xbox One?

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