In 2013 Yahoo acquired Summly, a popular news aggregation app developed by a 17-year old for $30 million. The app was shut down after the acquisition. Yahoo took its time but came up with the News Digest app for iOS in January earlier this year, this new app was based on Summly’s technology. The company didn’t release an Android version back then but today that changes. Yahoo News Digest for Android is now available for download.

Given the fact that there are already a plethora of news applications available on the Play Store one might ask what exactly sets Yahoo News Digest apart. The answer is in the name itself. Instead of overloading the user’s feed with news this app presents a summary of the top 8 to 12 stories twice a day.

Stories are pulled in from a variety of sources, and the app is intelligent enough to learn what stories the user is more interested in. Summaries of the top stories are provided at 8am and 6pm everyday so users can catch up with what’s happening around the world as they start and end their work day.

Users really have no need of opening the app constantly since it only updates twice a day. Besides, anyone who’s on Twitter or Facebook already has those mediums for monitoring real-time events. Yahoo News Digest is available as a free download from the Google Play Store.

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