google_doodle_Hi-res FinalWhenever you launch a new tab in Chrome or head on over to Google’s main page, you are greeted with Google’s logo. However there are times when the Google logo has been replaced with something else, either to commemorate an event or about pop culture, just to name some examples.

Now Google has been conducting annual Doodle 4 Google competitions for the past few years now and come 9th of June, we can look forward to the latest doodle on Google’s homepage, courtesy of an 11-year old by the name of Audrey Zhang. Zhang had recently taken part in the last Doodle 4 Google competition and won.

The theme was about the environment and it seemed that Zhang nailed it with her artwork (pictured above). According to The Washington Post, what made this so special was because it was Zhang’s third year entering the competition, which she finally won. This will also be the first time that Google will be animating a student’s doodle.

According to Ryan Germick, the leader of the Team Google Doodle artists, “The art is so lush and so rich and so full and so complete. Every leaf seemed to have life in it.” He also added that animating it proved to be a bigger job than they had previously thought. “We never imagined it would have 150 moving parts.”

Audrey has since won herself a $30,000 college scholarship from Google, a $50,000 tech grant to her school – Island Trees Middle School in Levittown New York, and $20,000 in donations by Google in her name to help provide clean water and bathrooms to 10 schools in Bangladesh.

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