tizen-modelsSamsung and Google certainly have a good thing going on there between the two – after all, Samsung’s range of Android-powered smartphones do seem to be second to none in the industry at the moment, but this does not mean that the South Korean company has remained exclusive to Google’s Android. No sir, they too, have an interest in the Tizen department, so to speak, which has led us to previous Tizen-powered handsets like the Samsung ZeQ which never came to be. This time around, a slew of Samsung handsets that run on the Tizen platform have been spotted on a list, numbering 17 in total.

Tizen, being a Linux-based operating system, also runs on Samsung’s cameras and wearable tech, while mulling over the possibility of it arriving on the TV as well. @UpLeaks claim as seen below point to Samsung possibly introduce a bunch of Tizen-powered handsets over in India, where there is a very real possibility that some of these could just be variants of the Samsung Z.

The Samsung Z happens to be a 4.3” smartphone that has a 720p display and a Qualcomm chipset, where it comes with hardware specifications that would place it in the mid-range segment at worst, although it is somewhere in between that and the high end models. All of the listed Tizen-powered handsets come with the model number SM-Z at the beginning, and with the Samsung Z being known as the SM-Z9005 as well, it could mean the Z500 and Z700 among others could feature varying specifications. Only time will tell.

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