kane-zipperman17-year old Kane Zipperman is like any other teenager who is growing up, and in the process, has gone through the heartbreak of a relationship. However, this is not due to a character flaw on his side, but rather, his ex-girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend, which does seem to be a script pulled out from one of the many teen dramas that we watch on the TV these days. Zipperman decided to get even by posting up his rather hilarious text exchange on Twitter (click on the image to see the full conversation).

It all began when Kane Zipperman’s ex-girlfriend decided to text him, as she wondered whether their relationship was truly over without any hope of reconciliation. His response? A collection of insults and Internet memes. Ever since Zipperman posted his conversation with his ex-girlfriend on Twitter, @KaneZipperman has been on the receiving end of more than 71,000 re tweets and 90,000 favorites.

Of course, in the midst of it all, there was a quote by Hitler, and you know a relationship is truly over when the man mentions that he is willing to listen to a Jonas Brother’s song on repeat for a length of time rather than return to his ex-girlfriend. I suppose that’s that, and hopefully his ex-girlfriend would have learned from this experience, and cheating does not pay.

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