amazon-warner-brosFor those of us who happen to live in the US and happen to place our orders on Amazon when it comes to movies, you might discover that it is nigh impossible to land a pre-order when it comes to many of the high-profile Warner Bros. flicks, including the likes of The Lego Movie (as seen above), 300: Rise of an Empire and Johnny Depp’s Transcendence.


While these films happen to be listed, they are but digital releases when it comes to the Amazon Instant Video streaming service. For those who would like the version that runs on physical media, Amazon has remained mum on its availability, and not only that, there does not seem to be any way for you to score a pre-order of the film prior to its regular release.

It so happens that this seems to affect folks living in the US only at the moment, as those who happen to live in the UK are still able to place a pre-order for similar Warner Bros. movies. As to the reason behind this “boycott”, so to speak, speculations abound, where some have even theorized that it could be a ploy by Amazon to obtain better prices from Warner Bros. Well, if you can’t get a movie to babysit your kids, perhaps you could use the possible Amazon’s babysitter booking service down the road.

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