If you find it difficult to whip up something delicious in the kitchen, perhaps it is time to obtain a little bit of outside help, from that of an app, of course. Anova’s sous vide Precision Cooker will now feature Windows Phone support in the presence of an app, where you will be able to cook food in a more precise manner than ever before. Basically, the utensil will play nice with your smartphone over a Bluetooth connection, while you select your desired recipes and instructions on preparing food in the school of sous vide.

Obviously, the fact that you need a Bluetooth connection would also mean that your smartphone ought to be within range, and since the kitchen is not the driest place in the world, it would be nice to see a waterproof Windows Phone handset in the vein of the Galaxy S5 make its debut, and soon. The Anova utensil itself will remain immersed in the water bath, where the smartphone app lets you kick off the cooking process while Precision Cooker gets to work, heating up the water. All updates of the cooking process are transmitted via Bluetooth, so you would have maximum peace of mind if you happen to have a fully charged handset working alongside you. Expect the pre-order for the Anova Precision Cooker to retail for $179 with shipping set to commence this January 2015.

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