Both tech titans have a history of fighting long and very expensive legal battles. There have been lawsuits and countersuits, with Apple even raking in almost a billion dollars in damages. Despite that there exists an important supplier relationship between Apple and Samsung. There has been no shortage of rumors that Apple is willing to move its business away from Samsung but that hasn’t really happened. A new report coming in from Korea suggests that both companies are now working to find a “common ground” in their patent dispute.

The Korea Times reports today, citing sources familiar with the negotiations taking place between Apple and Samsung, that there might be a ceasefire in the long-running patent battle between the two companies. An unnamed industry official tells the scribe that “both firms are trying to find common ground,” and that “we no longer want to spend time talking about secondary points.”

The same official says that while its early to predict if an immediate breakthrough will be produced by these talks, ” we are more practical about trying to find a solution.”

Apparently the Cupertino-based company is willing to continue its relationship with Samsung. The Korean giant fabricates Apple’s A-series processors and may even supply the OLED displays for its long rumored iWatch. Another source tells the scribe that Apple wants to retain Samsung as its “top-tier parts sourcing channel.”

Though its not like this is the first time both companies have sat down to work out their patent disputes. This has happened multiple times in the past but to no available, lets see if third time’s the charm.

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