apple--logoApple’s iWatch is rumored for a release in October and interestingly enough it seems to be one of Apple’s more well-kept secrets as we have yet to see any leaked photos or components, unlike the iPhone 6 whose photos have been popping up all over the place. That being said, the rumors claim that the iWatch will feature a host of sensors and if you’re looking for more proof that the iWatch could focus on health/medical, Apple’s recent hire could be that proof.

Apple has recently hired Alex Hsieh who used to be the chief software engineer at Atlas Wearables. According to Network World, they noticed that Hsieh had recently updated his profile on LinkedIn where it was revealed that he is now working for Apple. While Atlas Wearables might not necessarily be a well-known company, they do specialize in wearables that focus on physical activity.

Based on Hsieh’s background, some have speculated that Hsieh’s work at Apple will involve creating the firmware necessary for the iWatch, applying his expertise in the wearables industry to the company’s upcoming smartwatch. This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen Apple hire individuals that could potentially help its iWatch device.

Previously Apple has hired biometric experts and according to a recent rumor, has even tapped pro athletes like Kobe Bryant to help test the device. In any case the hype and anticipation surrounding the iWatch is fast building up, so here’s hoping that Apple will be able to live up to the expectations of its customers.

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