apple_logo2Marketing and advertising are extremely important. After all, what’s the point of having a great product that is completely out of this world if no one’s ever heard of it, right? Now when it comes to advertising in the smartphone market, Samsung appear to be king. Last we heard, Samsung allocated a whopping $14 billion to their marketing budget.

It was also revealed that Samsung outspent Apple in terms of advertising, although Apple is reportedly trying to fight back. Now we had heard reports that Apple was planning on using an in-house ad agency for future promotions, but according to a report from AdAge, it seems that Apple’s efforts are much larger than what everyone had initially thought.

Their report claims that Apple could be planning on building an in-house ad agency that will play home to about 1,000 staff. This apparently will rival the likes of Grey Advertising, an ad agency who has clients such as Canon Gillette, DirecTV, and so on. So does this mean that Apple is done with external help, especially from their long-time agency TBWA/Media Arts Lab?

You would think so given the reported scale of Apple’s plans, but apparently that isn’t the case. In fact Apple plans to leverage the notion of their in-house ad agency to force their external agencies to come up with better pitches. The report goes on to state that Apple is also looking to staff their in-house ad agency with talent from TBWA/Media Arts Lab.

What does this mean for Apple? Could Apple end up crafting a newer and better image themselves with their renewed efforts, or will Samsung continue to steamroll them with their massive and relentless advertising budget?

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