asus-touchscreenmonitor[Computex 2014] The folks over at ASUS are pretty busy in their home country where Computex 2014 is taking place at the moment, and one of the devices that are being paraded at this point in time happens to be a 14” USB touch monitor that might just come in handy, especially for folks who need to work with more than a single display in the vicinity, and yet do not need a really large secondary screen to begin with.

Those who would like to up the ante when it comes to productivity will find that a secondary external display that has touch capability, being able to support up to 10 different fingers, is an appealing thought to say the least. However, the resolution might need some working on, since 1,366 x 768 pixels do not really cut the mustard any more these days. Still, this is but a prototype at the moment, so the final product, should it actually roll out, might come with a higher resolution count than expected.

Other than that, ASUS has already made their fair share of announcements of new products over at Computex 2014, ranging from new gaming motherboards to a 4K Ultrabook as well as hybrid devices (dual booting or otherwise) that can transform between the form factor of a notebook and a tablet.

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