automaticHaving an older ride is not necessarily a bad thing, although it might translate to having to pay more for the maintenance of the car instead of using that money to knock off a chunk from the car loan that you took. Well, here is a new $99 Link dongle from Automatic that would be the ideal companion to go along with your older jalopy, where it has the ability to keep track of your trips, while knowing just how much fuel is consumed by your ride and letting you know if you are giving the gas pedal way too much love with your foot. In the past, only Apple device owners were able to synchronize their Automatic dongles with their handsets, but it seems that the world of Android owners are now on the receiving end of such similar treatment.

Good things do come to those who wait, don’t you think so? At last, the Android app that delivers the world of real time driving feedback is here, and Android users will also be on the receiving end of an additional feature. This particular Android app can keep your smartphone in silent mode as you make your way across town in your ride, letting those friends on your contact list to call you back later via a text message so that you need not have to split your attention between the road as well as carrying out a conversation. I am quite sure this is much appreciated, especially to those who prefer to concentrate on one task at a particular time, not to mention having the potential of saving you a ticket from the cops. [Press Release]

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