bandai-catThe Japanese do come up with some seemingly crazy items from time to time, and Bandai is no different. Having made a name for themselves through the sale of video games in the past, including the Tamagotchi craze that gripped the world many years back, they are back in the spotlight by helping out those who happen to spend plenty of time in front of the computer screen. Basically, Bandai’s latest release involves the introduction of eight neko-ze (literally translated as “cat’s back”) figurines. Do read on after the jump to find out how the entire shebang works.

Basically, this particular set is divided into a couple of groups, with four hunched-over walking cats in one, while the other has four similarly bent sitting cats. Basically, Bandai is keeping their fingers crossed that as you place at least one (or a few) of such neko-ze cat figurines around your work area, it will be a strong visual reminder of your slouching posture, automatically triggering you to make a change in your posture for the better, hopefully.

These new neko-ze figurines are set to be released this June 24th, and they happen to be sold via “gashapon” machines, which are popular coin-operated capsule machines that you can find all over the place in Japan. Those who would want the entire collection might want to hit online sites and fork out a premium instead of relying on chance alone.

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