We just mentioned that YouTube will now be able to support 1080p videos at 60fps, and hence it is not surprising to see video game companies take advantage of the situation. For instance, the Battlefield: Hardline multiplayer trailer has already been released, where you will be able to let your eyes make the judgment as to whether the higher frame rate and resolution makes gaming a whole lot more engaging and realistic.

The shift to the PS4 as well as Xbox One is an interesting one, since frame rates do play quite an important role here, alongside a game’s resolution, when it comes to making comparisons between one version and the other. Of course, in due time, chances are developers will be able to strike a balance for a more equal experience regardless of the gaming platform that you have decided to settle for.

Now, with the changes made to YouTube, game developers as well as publishers will gain the ability to back up their claims of a game’s frame rate on YouTube for sheer marketing purposes. Game fans will also be all the better for it, since our eyes absolutely love smooth footage over a jerky one. Do you approve of the multiplayer trailer above?

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