bing-offers-seattleIt looks like Microsoft and Apple have long buried the proverbial hatchet, where at one point in the past for both companies, it looked as though they were unable to come together and work as a team. Having said that, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and with Google arriving on the scene with its Android platform, things have changed dramatically, so much so that now Apple and Microsoft are pretty bosom buddies. With the announcement of OS X 10.10, the desktop operating system from Apple will now make use of Bing to run its web searches.

Microsoft has confirmed this bit of information, and it goes to show the level of collaboration between the two entities. After all, it was Microsoft who introduced a version of Office for the iPad in recent times, which will see the iPad make a step closer to the enterprise market, while showing to the world a united front where both Microsoft and Apple are able to work in a harmonious manner.

Now that the Bing search engine is well on its way to gain additional traction due to its integration with OS X, do expect its current partnerships with Siri and Windows 8 to also help see the search engine gain some market share in the long run.

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