The advancement of technology in the field of medical research has certainly improved by leaps and bounds, where we have a living, breathing bionic man, so to speak, not to mention artificial organs like the kidney being developed to help mankind out. This time around, we have a particularly interesting and potential boon to those who happen to be struck with Type 1 diabetes, and that would be through the implant of a bionic pancreas.


Thanks to a bunch of researchers who hail from Boston University and Massachusetts general hospital, they have managed to come up with this particular bionic pancreas. The New England Journal of Medicine has even published the details that concerns all about the bionic pancreas.

Of course, what is the whole point of coming up with a brand new bionic part if it were not to be effective at all? This particular system had to undergo tests beforehand, where 52 different subjects were willing to be the proverbial guinea pigs, so to speak. This system was touted to deliver better glycemic control compared to the existing current standard of care. Boasting of the ability to emulate the physiological function of the pancreas through the regulation of the amount of insulin and glucagon which will be injected into the body. It will be controlled by an iPhone smartphone app, where the user will wear a sensor in order to keep everything in order.

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