Self-driving-car-GoogleWhen it comes to self-driving cars, opinion is split right down the middle, with some quarters think of it being a threat, while others intend to jump aboard the bandwagon to provide more competition. The thing is, despite new advancements made in self-driving cars such as an improvement in making assessments of real-world risks, much testing still needs to be done before it hits the road. German carmakers are mulling over the possibility of incorporating “black box” data recorders in such vehicles just like those on an aircraft, and this particular idea too, has riled some feathers considering the line between privacy and surveillance.

Some of the automakers in Germany who have already or are working on semi-autonomous cars include Mercedes-Benz and BMW (not to mention Google from the US of course), although legal issues do prove to be a stumbling block in the full and public implementation of other technologies including the likes of automatic overtaking on motorways. Having said that, will a data recorder on a self-driving car be widely accepted all over the world? After all, the data collected could come in handy to both manufacturers and insurers in the event of an autonomous car crash. Would you be comfortable with the idea of a black box in your car?

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