bbfullhdAs it stands, the BlackBerry Z30 is the Canadian company’s largest phone at the moment. It sports a 5-inch display, which we guess is “standard” when it comes to Android devices, but unfortunately it only uses a 720p HD display. While some users might not be able to notice any differences, it is definitely not as sharp as a 5-inch Full HD display, like the one of the HTC One M8.

However could BlackBerry be getting ready to launch devices with Full HD displays in the future? Well that’s what it seems to be hinted at during a recent webinar. In a recent webinar that BlackBerry hosted for its OS 10.3 SDK, they introduced some updates for future devices that might have a high PPI count.

They revealed some numbers which based on basic extrapolation and calculation by the folks at N4BB, has yielded the possibility that the highest-resolution that will be supported in the future will be Full HD 1920×1080. This is also based on the assumption that BlackBerry will be maintaining aspect ratios like the BlackBerry Z30.

It is unclear when BlackBerry could be getting ready to launch devices with Full HD displays, but if this is an area that you felt BlackBerry was lacking in, then it is something worth keeping an eye out for.

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