A couple of months ago, Blizzard announced a web TV series called Azeroth Choppers. It basically pit two World of Warcraft teams against one another: Horde versus Alliance, where they would get a custom motorbike shop to try and create a custom chopper that would have either a Horde or Alliance theme. When it is all said and done, players were asked to cast their vote as to which design they thought looked the best, and it looks like the results are in.

Blizzard has aired the final episode of Azeroth Choppers and have announced the winner of the design contest. Now spoiler alert, if you don’t want to find out who wins without watching the entire series youself, you should probably stop here and head on over to the Azeroth Chopper’s website to watch the series in its entirety. Alternatively if you’re not too fussed, read on and/or check out the video above to see the winners announced.

Now interestingly on their blog, Blizzard pointed out that Alliance players outnumber Horde players in-game. What this means is that if players to vote based purely on their faction alone, the Alliance would win hands down, but as it turns out, the scrappy Horde faction proved to be the winner. In fact this hardly comes as a surprise since the design of the Horde chopper looks way cooler, with its tusks and black and red paint, making it look like a very menacing device as it rolls down the street.

To be fair the Alliance had a pretty nice design too, although perhaps a bit too “clean” as far as choppers are concerned. Now as per Blizzard’s promise, the winning design will be turned into an in-game mount which will be given to players for free, so if you’re still playing World of Warcraft, this is a mount you guys can look forward to.

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