heroes of the storm levelWhile MOBA games certainly requires a lot of teamwork and the understanding of the mechanics in the game, it can also boil down to the simple fact that one team has heroes who are higher level than another team’s heroes. This becomes more apparent when heroes unlock their ultimate abilities at a certain level, which gives them a slight edge of the enemy.

Hoping to balance levels and different player skills, Blizzard has announced some changes that they will be making to their Heroes of the Storm alpha. For starters they have announced that bonus trickle XP will be removed. Regular trickle XP will remain, but in place of the bonus trickle XP, they have replaced it with the Underdog Bonus.

Just in case the name wasn’t obvious, the Underdog Bonus basically gives hero units additional experience points for each enemy hero that is killed. This is to allow teams to bridge the level gap, so excuses about how the other team is higher level will soon no longer be relevant. The amount of bonus experience will be scaled and capped when hero levels are only four levels apart.

This will affect the other team as well as the players with the higher levels will gain less experience for killing opposing heroes. Blizzard expects that the changes will change how the game is played, although they note that none of these changes they are making are final. The game is currently in its alpha phase and there’s no word on when we expect its release, so for all we know the final version could be very different.

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