bruise-pantsAny normal athlete, including the seemingly untouchable Cristiano Ronaldo who limped off training with an ice pack on his knee at the World Cup, would know when they are injured, seriously or otherwise, thanks to the pain mechanism in our bodies. However, when you happen to be a paralympian because of a spinal cord injury, leaving you without any sense of feeling from the waist downwards, what are you to do? Good thing medical technology has advanced to such a level where the ‘bruise pants’ are able to deliver a visual indicator on just how badly a particular athlete is injured.

The custom-fitted pants will feature tiny pockets across several vital areas, allowing you to slip in a special pressure-sensitive plastic film insert which features colored dye inside. Should the film experience a sharp and sudden impact, the magenta dye will rise to the surface, showing off just where the athlete was struck. Depending on the size and darkness of the discoloration, it does point out just how hard that particular blow was.

The film was first developed for the newspaper printing process in order to figure out the evenness of the print roller pressures, but I guess with a little bit of innovation and modification, it is also useful in figuring out how hard a segment of the human body has been hit.

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