ps4-access-large3So we know that Bungie and Sony have some kind of special relationship with one another. It was revealed that the game would be getting exclusive content if played on a Sony PlayStation platform, and that the game itself would be exclusive to the PlayStation in Japan, but how far back does Bungie and Sony’s relationship go?

Well it turns out pretty long. This is according to an interview Bungie’s Head of Community, Eric Osborne, did with TechRadar during E3 2014 which took place last week. According to Osborne, Sony and Bungie’s relationship goes all the way back to the beginning, when next-gen was merely talked about.

In fact their relationship goes so far back that Bungie actually had a hand in helping to design the Sony PlayStation 4. According to Osborne, “They worked with us, of course, on core systems and the controller itself – making it better for shooters, helping improve that for players, helping include and improve the social aspects of the game.”

This actually sounds a bit familiar because that is the kind of relationship that Microsoft and Respawn Entertainment had with each other. Respawn, for those unfamiliar, is responsible for creating Titanfall. They also worked with Microsoft on tweaking the Xbox One controller to make it less twitchy. However despite Sony and Bungie’s relationship, Osborne acknowledged that with Destiny being a new IP, they have to work at winning over fans from all platforms.

“We’re building on all four platforms that we’ve announced. We have to make sure that [Destiny] is amazing everywhere, especially as a new IP. We have to earn all these fans, but specifically with Sony we have some work to do in terms of awareness and getting people excited about a Bungie game,” he stated.

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