nokia-lumia-1520-review-17If there were particular industries that BlackBerry could rely on, it would most probably be enterprise and governments, but even then it seems that BlackBerry is slowly losing their hold on said markets. Over in the UK, the police in Cambridgeshire have recently announced that they are planning on replacing their lineup of BlackBerry devices to Windows Phone handsets.

As it stands, there are about 4,000 BlackBerry devices in circulation at the moment, but they will soon be replaced by about 8,000 Windows Phone handsets. So why the switch? Well apparently the new security features in Windows Phone 8.1 have made it a good enough reason for the police to make the switch.

According to Ian Bell, the Head of ITC at the Cambridge Constabulary, “We have chosen to move away from Blackberry, primarily for the user experience – we want our cops to have flexibility in their working life. From an enterprise device management perspective Blackberry Enterprise Server works great, but the devices are crumbling around us.”

So what devices will police officers get? Well cops on patrol will be given a Nokia Lumia 1520 each, while the Lumia 930 will be given to executives, and regular staff can look forward to the Lumia 635. These devices will be replacing BlackBerry handsets like BlackBerry 8700 and the BlackBerry 9210, both of which are pretty old devices, so we guess it’s about time they made the upgrade.

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