tmobile-signRemember the other day we reported that according to a report, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Avant on T-Mobile had an app that could essentially unlock the phone from the carrier? It was an intriguing proposal and one that did not seem like a stretch of the imagination. After all this is T-Mobile we’re talking about, and the carrier has made some controversial moves lately, such as taking away the need for old fashion contracts and even offering to pay customers to join their network.

What this means is that allowing customers to unlock their smartphones at a push of a button was not such an outrageous idea. However according to the folks at PhoneArena, they have learnt that this will most likely not be the case. They have heard from their own source that unlocking your smartphone via an app will not be announced at T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 5.0 event.

Their source claims that it is normal for T-Mobile to include unlocking apps on their test phones. Apparently the reasoning behind this is because this will allow the phone to be unlocked and tested on other carriers just to see how well it performs, and if there are any changes that T-Mobile needs to make. This, however, does not mean that T-Mobile will be providing its customers with a simple unlock button.

He goes on to claim that T-Mobile has not made any changes to the request-code process, so even with the app on test handsets, the tester would have to call T-Mobile for the unlock code, otherwise it would be too simple for customers to make the switch to a different carrier. On one hand this explanation does make sense, but at this point in time it’s really a matter of he says, she says, so if you’d like to learn more, check back with us this Thursday for the details.

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