click2speakAnyone experiencing locked-in syndrome, or having dealt with it through a friend or loved one, would be able to see just how devastating it can be, especially when the patient could potentially lose his or her control when it comes to nearly the entire body, although one’s mental faculties would remain unaffected. Gal Sont, a programmer, is afraid of losing his voice for good, and intends to communicate even in the worse case scenario. Gal Sont has taken to programming a new voice, so to speak, using an eye-based user interface that enables him to manipulate some programming code.

Sont shared, ”Your communication is the basis of everything, to tell someone you love them, to ask for something to drink, it is the basic need of every one of us: to communicate with my family and friends and tell them all that I need, in words. So communicating is very important, and if I can do it faster and more efficient, you know, I’ve won the world.”

Sont also happens to be the co-founder of Click2Speak, where he hopes that his next software version will let him continue to communicate, and it is this start-up that will eventually deliver a communication system for disabled people that is more powerful, efficient and of course, affordable compared to what one can find in the market today.

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