clirisSome of us do not mind to have a little bit of dirt and grime on our specs, and we wash it once a week. Of course, different strokes for different folks, which is why some others absolutely cannot stand a single speck of dust on their glasses, and take absolute good care of it all the time. Why not let a machine do the job instead? This is what this Kickstarter project known as Cliris is all about, where it arrives in a sleek form factor, being an automatic eyewear cleaner which will rely on ultrasound technology alongside a biodegradable solution in order to clean, disinfect, apply anti-fog treatment, dry and even scent your spectacles if you want to, taking just four minutes of your time.

Once you have powered on the Cliris, all that you need to do is to place your folded pair of glasses within, and you’re good to go. The Cliris will get the job done in a matter of minutes, where it sips just 40W of power and is said to be extremely quiet, although we will not really know for sure until we actually manage to test one out for ourselves.

The Cliris is still a long way from its funding goal, and with slightly less than a month left to go, you might want to help it out.

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