cycle-eyeGetting around on a bicycle is definitely the green thing to do, not to mention helping you get some much needed exercise along the way. The thing is, some motorists might not actually pay too much attention to the road, which would mean your life could actually be in some form of danger or another. Good thing there are advancements made in the world of technology to help you out – case in point, the Cycle Eye. The Cycle Eye is a new kind of technology that is being developed in Bristol which will be used to alert bus as well as lorry drivers of cyclists who happen to be riding near them.

How does the Cycle Eye work? For starters, it will be fitted on the side of a bus or lorry, and will fall back on a combination of radar as well as camera sensors in order to figure out whether cyclists happen to fall under the blind spot of the vehicle. If all of the proper criteria have been fulfilled, then the Cycle Eye will let shriek an alarm in the driver’s cab. What about false alarms? Good question, as the Cycle Eye claims to be smart enough to be able to tell the difference between an actual cyclist as well as that of other objects including bollards, railings or cars.

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