damson headphonesHeadphones/earphones can be dangerous because when used at loud volume levels, or if they’re noise cancelling headphones, you won’t be able to hear your surroundings which can be dangerous in the streets or when crossing the road, since you won’t hear warning sounds like cars honking at you and so on.

Well if you’re looking to enjoy your music but perhaps not so invasively, perhaps the Damson headphones might be worth checking out. What makes the Damson headphones so different from the other headphones is that it relies on bone conduction to help deliver the sound to you. What this means is that the headphones themselves don’t go in or over your ears, but rests on the temporal bone on the sides of your head.

damson headphones 2The Damson headphones aren’t the first of its kind, although it seems that bone induction headphones aren’t exactly super popular, but Damson is hoping to change that with its trendy design. Damson’s headphones will use a technology called Incisor Diffusion that will help deliver the audio to your inner ear, while leaving your ear canals open so that you can hear background noise.

damson headphones 4The headphones themselves are wireless and pair with smartphones via Bluetooth. There is also an integrated microphone if you want to use them as a hands-free kit. Damson will include a 32mAh battery which they claim will offer 10 hours of playback, or 12 days on standby, and will recharge via a micro USB.

damson headphones 3Now the good news is that if you like the features but sometimes want to switch back to regular headphones, you can. This is thanks to a 3.5mm jack that lets you plug in regular earbuds that will be bundled with the device. If this sounds like a pair of headphones you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on, the Damson headphones are currently a Kickstarter project seeking funding, so if you’d like to learn more or pledge your support, hit up its Kickstarter page for the details.

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