greater riftWith the previous Diablo 3 patch, Blizzard introduced a host of changes and new features that somehow made the grind more bearable. They made it slightly easier to get legendary items and set items, either through Horadric Caches or when gambling for items with Kadala. That being said, if you’re still farming your way through Diablo 3, you might be interested to learn that Blizzard is working on Patch 2.1.

The patch has yet to be released but Blizzard decided to share some official details nonetheless, although we should note that there is a chance some of this could change ahead of its release. Most notably with Patch 2.1, Blizzard will introduce a ladder system to the game called Seasons. Players who participate will gain access to exclusive rewards and unique legendaries, so that’s worth looking forward to.

Blizzard has also revealed that Diablo 3 would be getting new in-game features like Greater Rifts, which are essentially harder than regular rifts but with a timer, with your results being posted to leaderboards, so if you’re particularly competitive, this ought to get your juices flowing. There will also be the introduction of legendary gems that are infinitely upgradeable will provide legendary powers when socketed.

Changes made to Adventure Mode will see a new area called the Cesspools unlocked. Blizzard had originally intended for the Cesspools to be made available when Reaper of Souls was released, but was unable to do so in time for its release, but we guess better late than never! No word on when Patch 2.1 will be released, but it will be making its way onto the PTR in the near future first.

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