d3-ahThe Auction House feature in Diablo 3 has been somewhat of a source of contention amongst gamers and even some of the Diablo 3 developers. Some gamers felt that it was fair and added a new dimension to the game, while others felt that it no longer made sense to farm for gear if other people could do it for you and you could just buy their findings.

Well whichever side of the fence you were on, Blizzard ultimately decided to shutdown the Auction House. The Auction House officially stopped all transactions back in March but Blizzard has since reminded gamers that they still have until the 24th of June to claim their items from the auction house. Basically if you still have gold, real-life money, or items that are still sitting in your Auction House stash, you will have until the 24th of June to claim it, otherwise they’ll be gone forever.

Once the 24th of June has passed, all that will remain of the Auction House will be pretty much be in the memories of gamers who may or may not have agreed with Blizzard’s decision. However with Reaper of Souls, Blizzard has introduced a new looting feature called Loot 2.0. Instead of mobs, bosses, or chests that drop legendary or set items that might be completely useless for your class, Loot 2.0 essentially tries to ensure that every drop is related to your character class.

So players who play Barbarians will see strength-based items drop, while Wizards and Witch Doctors might see more intel-based gear drop for them. This sort of removes the need for the Auction House since you can basically farm for gear that makes sense. So, who else will miss the Auction House come 24th of June?

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