dominospizzaIt seems that companies these days are finding themselves subject to hacking and Domino’s is one of the latest companies to experience such a breach. According to reports, it seems that Domino’s France and Belgium have been hacked, and that a range of customer details have been stolen when their database was hacked into.

The hacker goes by the name of Rex Mundi, who recently took to Twitter to post about the hack and claimed responsibility for it. According to his tweets, he seems to be asking Domino’s to pay him a ransom of £24,000, if not the information that was stolen would be released to the public. The information in question is related to customer details and included things like a customer’s favorite pizza topping.

However according to Domino’s executive, Andre ten Wolde, information like credit card details have not been stolen. He also added that the company would not be giving into the demands of the hacker and have already filed a complaint with the courts in Paris.

The hackers have threatened to release the information and stated the customers actually have the right to sue Domino’s should the information be released, so it looks like either way Domino’s could find themselves in quite a legal mess.

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