rc-water-land-carThere is just something about drones that seem to fascinate us these days, where some of them happen to be made out of edible chocolate (which probably won’t last for too long during summer when it is flown outdoors), making us wonder just what is the next step of evolution when it comes to drones. Well, the answer could lie in the Earth Rider RC from Takara Tomy that debuted at the Tokyo Toy Show 2014.

The Earth Rider RC, also literally translated as the “Land Sea Air RC” in Japanese, is capable of working comfortably whether it is in the air, on solid ground, as well as on a body of water. The tires will ensure that the Earth Rider RC remains floating whenever ventures forth into water, ensuring that all the sensitive bits and pieces remain safe from any kind of harm when in water. Apart from that, the very same propellers which allows the Earth Rider RC to glide across water will be able to send it flying through the air as and when required.

Tipping the scales at 50 grams, the Earth Rider RC has a battery life of approximately five minutes’ worth of activity, although it will take 30 minutes to juice it up to such a level. As for its controller, half a dozen AA batteries will keep it up and running. Expect the Earth Rider RC to be released in Japan later this October for approximately $91 after conversion.

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