destiny-psAt the PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference last week, it was announced that PlayStation owners will be on the receiving end of a whole lot of exclusive Destiny content in due time, and there was not enough time on stage to reveal all that the exclusive Destiny content had to offer. Well, it seems that now would be a better time to share more on what gamers can expect, so check out the nitty gritty right after the jump.

Basically at launch, PS4 and PS3 owners will be on the receiving end of exclusive access to a unique co-op Strike located on Mars, in addition to an exclusive competitive map, alongside a whole bunch of exclusive guns, gear, and ships.

First of all, the Dust Palace Strike, being an exclusive three-player cooperative Strike is playable alongside friends or match made. You will be tracking a Cabal extraction team all the way through the husks of an ancient human skyscraper known as the Dust Palace (hence the name), all the while having to combat a new enemy known as the Psion Flayers.

As for the Exodus Blue Competitive Multiplayer Map, this mid-sized Crucible arena will pair up with Control and Skirmish game modes. The Exodus Blue is a long-dead vessel that will now be the venue where Guardians challenge each another.

Do expect a slew of new gear to boot, where the Warlock class will receive a Manifold Seeker armor that was specially constructed to assist Warlocks in surviving the secret realms of the Vex. The Titan class has not been left out, having received Vanir, a battle-tested armor set which was forged to protect Titans against the heavy firepower of the Cabal. As for the Hunter class, they will have a durable all-environment wire-weave known as Argus to help them scout the frontier. [Press Release]

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